Hello there! I am happy to welcome you to the new design of the website! It might feel like I am constantly changing designs (and I do) but it's because I am always in the search of a cleaner, simpler and better looking website and I feel like I am getting closer to what I imagined with this design!

As I want this website to showcase my work, I feel like a simpler look will only help the focus on my writings. 

So, I hope that you guys enjoy the new look and content!

Clean Space

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What's going on

I have four books published in English. Two books of poems, one of short stories and one special holiday edition. I have one book in French, the short story French version. I am currently publishing a story called "Far With You" online, a new chapter each week on my social media, Wattpad, and here. 

I have multiple WIPS that I've been working on for years (and restarting so many times, too!) 

I used to weekly publish recipes and life-style articles but I put them on hiatus. I will from time to time update them but I decided to focus on my writings rather than becoming a full time blogger!