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"SWEET WINTER" is the latest book published by Chrystele Myriam. It has a Christmas theme but with a twist. You can find poems, short stories, texts, all with a dark side of Christmas. It was edited by Laura Hahn, the cover made by Chrystele Myriam, published with Smashwrods Inc.

The Blogs



HOMECOOK is a blog of homemade recipe. In there you will find recipes of every kind, some of the recipes have information on the ingredients, helping you knowing a bit more of what you eat and how it benefits you. 

The articles are in English and also in French, making it the first project of mine to be in both languages.

The pictures are mine and only mine, everything that is displayed in this blog is rightfully mine and copy-righted.

There is a new recipe published ever Sunday.



BLEEDINGINK is a blog of lifestyle and other subjects. It has articles about mental health, my struggle with it and topics such as eating disorder or anxiety. It has a True Crime series of seven articles. You can also find two articles by two authors that guested on the blog. 

Its wide range of subject makes it a good read for people with multiple tastes or any kind of subjects. 

There is a new article published every Wednesday. 


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The Shop

"BLEEDINGINK SHOP" is part of the blog brand "BLEEDINGINK" in this shop you can find only printables. There is bookmarks, cards, sheets for bullet journals or scrapbooks, and stickers



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