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Hello there! I am happy to welcome you to the new design of the website! It might feel like I am constantly changing designs (and I do) but it's because I am always in the search of a cleaner, simpler and better looking website and I feel like I am getting closer to what I imagined with this design!

As I want this website to showcase my work, I feel like a simpler look will only help the focus on my writings. 

So, I hope that you guys enjoy the new look and content!

Clean Space
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Latest News

My new project "LAST DANCE" is a self published audiobook with 13 texts that you can buy on my website only for 1$. It will be registered on GoodReads so you can use to to further your progress on the GoodReadsChallenge!

You can also find the complete story "Far With You" for free on my website, wattpad, or instagram. I have many other projects in the making but these two are the most recent ones. I hope you enjoy them all and the other content I bring now and then! 

Latest Texts