At the creation of Time, three Prime Goddesses were born. Humanity always wrongly told the tale of time, falsely giving credits to second and third grade Gods and Goddesses for the creation of the universe. But in reality, these three women started it all.

The Red moon, the mother of all Witches and sorcerers was born when the first thunder echoed into the universe, the first sound ever. With her blood from her own heart that she poured onto the dirt of her planet Meriliya, she created the first witches. 

The Blue moon, the mother of all Angels was born when the first drop of rain fell onto the ground of her planet Stryss. The first water content to ever exist in the whole universe. She then created what humanity commonly call the Archangels, the most powerful angels of all.

The Eclipse moon, the mother of all Demons was born first, being the eldest of the three, she was born into the Darkness, when nothing was yet. Radiating with anger, an uncontrollable anger, she created her brother, The Sun, who created Humans, to put balance in the universe. The Eclipse is the strongest of all, being the only one to survive and prosper in the abyss, into nothing. 

What can happen when The Red and Blue moon have to unite their forces to stop The Eclipse from killing her brother, The Sun and erasing every ounce of light in the universe, assuring her power over existence?