2021 Christmas Decor Sightings

Welcome back, friends! I hope that you are doing well! Can you believe that a month ago it was Christmas? Well, to bring back a bit of Christmas, I decided to show you guys videos of when my mom and I went Christmas sighting.

My mother loves Christmas, and so I knew she would love to spend an evening all about Christmas decor. Now, keep in mind that I am not a professional at editing videos and just vlogging at all, but it's all about making memories and I wanted to change and do something a bit different for the blog!

This video is the first part of the evening, we went to a Christmas Market, we were a bit disappointed when we went there, we thought there would be more decorations, and more people. For the people part, to be fair we were fine with it, with Covid we felt safer. But there was no Christmas music, decorations only outside on the way to the market, and the ambiance just didn't feel quite like it, but we still had fun and we bought some stuff on the market.

And for the second part of the evening, I'm going to show you what we saw. Sadly, the videos I took of our evening were not good enough and we could not see the decorations. But the city where we went filmed a video of their decorations and so I decided to share it with you!