Chapter One

Rosaleen — Present day, 25 years old.

With her hair in the wind and hands in her pockets, Rosaleen was watching the wind move the waves as if they had a will of their own. Resting her arms on the edge of the bridge, she allowed herself to remember. Remember a time when it was easier, when it was good.


Rosaleen looked at the boy running towards her. He stopped in front of her, excitement on his face.

“Look what I got!” With pride he showed her his grade, “I got a B!”

Rosaleen smiled brightly.


The boy returned her smile. They fell into silence, letting the waves sooth them after a long day at school.

“You know,” began the boy, Rosaleen looked at him, “I wanted to thank you for defending me.”

She stared at him for a moment her thoughts getting the best of her, until he looked at her. She smiled then.

“I always will.”

Rosaleen looked one last time at the waves and touched the words carved into the bridges banister what seemed like a lifetime ago and sighed. She walked back to her car and started it, opening the four windows so that the salty wind could be her companion during her drive. She didn’t know where to go, she could go home but didn’t feel like being sheltered from the upcoming storm, even if she knew she would have to at some point. It was a gray Sunday and in this small town everything was closed on Sundays. Stopping at the red light, she looked around and realized where her mindless driving had taken her. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she wasn’t surprised, she should have known her route would end up here, especially today.

Three girls circled the boy, the leader of the trio crossed her arms and stepped forward. She laughed and looked at her friends over her shoulder.

“Oh my god.”

She looked back at the boy, her eyes roaming up and down before she smirked.

“Just look at him. He looks as if he’s living in a cardboard box.”

Her friends laughed


The leader of the trio touched the boy’s school uniform collar and pulled him closer to her.