Chapter Six

Rosaleen — Present Day, 25 years old.

She didn’t know how many times she drove down that road, looking for Charlie, hoping to find him in the crowd, waiting for her, but Rosaleen would always end up on the bridge by the beach, contemplating the waves, whether the sun was shining or the rain was pouring, like today. She drove to the bridge, parked her car, and sat there, looking at the waves mixing with the rain. After a while she decided to get out of the car anyway and ran to the bench, covering herself with her coat. She loved to come to the bridge on rainy days, no one was there, so she would be all alone with the waves and her thoughts. She put her feet on the bench, hugging her knees close to her chest, she rested her chin on them, her wet hair long forgotten. Every time she would exhale, she would see her breath cutting through the humid air.

“What I don’t understand is how you can love rain that much.”

Aiden grimaced and shook his head, splashing Charlie and Rosaleen with his wet hair, both laughing.

“Come on, Aiden, just lighten up!”

Charlie sat on the couch and let out a sigh.

“Guys, can you believe that tomorrow we start college?”

Aiden and Rosaleen looked at each other and smiled. They looked back at Charlie and sat on each side of him. Rosaleen nodded.

“I’m scared. I’m excited, but I am petrified. High school had challenges, but this is college, expectations will be way different.”

Charlie looked at Rosaleen.

“You will be alright.”

Rosaleen smiled at him.

“Yeah, so will you.”

Aiden shook his head and scratched his chin.

“This is going to be weird, though. The three of us, different colleges.”

They sat in silence; Charlie was about to pick at his hands when Rosaleen took one in hers.

“We are going to be okay. Whether we are close or far away from each other, we’re always together. Whether I am not here next to you, I’m always going to be with you.”

Aiden smiled.