Chapter Ten

Rosaleen, Aiden — Present day, 25 years old

Aiden and Rosaleen were walking in silence to Rosaleen’s apartment. Night was starting to set on the city and the humidity was coming back. Rosaleen stopped walking and looked up at the sky. She closed her eyes and inhaled.

“I smell rain.”

She smiled and started to walk again, catching up to Aiden who was looking at her the whole time. When they arrived in front of her building, a man was waiting, sitting on the stairs leading up to the entrance. She stopped, making Aiden stop, too. He looked at the man and then back at Rosaleen.

“What’s wrong?”

Lucas looked up and stood up. When Aiden recognized him, he took a step back.

“What is this bastard doing here?”

The man walked towards them, hands in his pockets. Aiden looked back at Rosaleen, his fists tight and anger written on his face.

“What is he doing here, Rosaleen?”

Charlie got out of his class and looked at his phone.

‘Meet at the bench?’

‘Yup! Meet you there once class is finished xx’

He smiled and put his phone in his pocket. Lucas watched Charlie from afar, his friends were talking but he was not listening. He pushed past them and followed Charlie. The boy left the building and sat on a bench surrounded by trees. Lucas sat beside him, without looking at Charlie he smirked.

“Do you really think that she’s going to love you back?” Lucas gave Charlie a side glance. “She must really pity you, man.”

Charlie frowned and stood up, moving a bit away from the bench and looked around for Rosaleen. Lucas snickered and stood up, too.

“Still as scared as when we were in high school, I see. What do you think will happen when she will finish college? Do you really think she will keep in touch with you?”

Rosaleen arrived and saw them together.

“Is something wrong?”