Chapter Twelve

Rosaleen, Aiden — 6 years ago, 19 years old.

The rain was falling on Rosaleen and Aiden as they walked in silence. They only stopped in front of a house, looked at each other one last time before Rosaleen knocked on the door. A woman opened the door and smiled at them.

“Oh, my! What are you guys doing out here in the rain! You will catch a cold, come on in.”

Rosaleen and Aiden looked at each other again and followed the woman in.

“Thank you, Mrs. Brennan.”

The three of them walked to the living room.

“So, what brings you two here? Oh!”

She clapped her hands, making Rosaleen slightly jump.

“I have cookies fresh out of the oven! I made them for Charlie, he’s been upstairs all day. I’m sure he will be quite happy to see you!”

Rosaleen and Aiden frowned at each other, confused.


Rosaleen shifted on her feet, clearly uncomfortable.

“Mrs. Brennan…Charlie is…”