Chapter Two

Rosaleen — Present Day, 25 years old.

As Rosaleen was walking down the hall to her class, she saw the boy at the end of the hall. He was looking at his phone, shaking. With one quick look at her classmates, she saw everyone was on their phones. She frowned and took hers out of her back pocket.


A message from the captain of the football team appeared on her screen. She opened it only to find a video file attached to it. When she pressed play, she saw the boy being pushed around by the football players. They took his bag and emptied it on the ground, stepping on his school supplies with their muddy shoes, breaking some things in the process. One harder shove had the boy falling to the ground, crying. Rosaleen couldn’t go through the rest of the video, she deleted it and put her phone back in her pocket. When she raised her head, she locked eyes with the boy, but once more she looked away and kept walking. The boy watched her disappear, he stared at his shoes, took a deep breath, and whipped the tears on his cheeks. He bent down and took his torn-up bag and left the building, running away as his new classmates were pointing and laughing. When he was about to get outside, he tripped and fell. Everyone around him laughed even more.

He looked up and saw the football captain crouched down in front of him.

“Don’t think for one second that you can escape me.”

The player smirked as he stood back up and kicked the boy before leaving. Rosaleen, who had changed her mind and had gone back to see the boy, watched him struggle to get up and walk outside. She sighed and followed him; panic coursed through her when she couldn’t see him once outside too. She ran and frantically looked around her. She kept running, thinking the boy left, but she stopped at the stairs when she heard cries. Taking the last flight of stairs, she found him sitting on the grass.

She sighed and sat beside him, earning a stare and a frown.

“What do you want?”

Rosaleen looked back at him.

“Hi. I’m Rosaleen.”

She raised her hand for him to shake it.

He hesitated but then finally took it.


Rosaleen looked at her phone and realized she had been on her computer for more than two hours; her glasses left angry red marks when she took them off and massaged her eyes. The need for a cup of coffee drove her up and into the small office kitchen.

Her female coworker joined her and took an empty cup herself.

“Could you pour me one?”

Rosaleen smiled and did so. They sat at the little table and drank their coffee in silence.

“Oh, by the way, there was a glitch on my computer, could you resend me the conclusion for the story?”