February Pick: Aerials by E.M Bell

Back for the new year with this sweet, world opening pick! the first book of "rift" introduces us to another world that will make you swoon and fall in love with some special characters!


E.M. Bell is a self published author. Her favorite genres to write are fantasy and romance with a focus on magical races and their cultures. Her debut novel, Aerials, is available now on Amazon both as an ebook and paperback.

Aerials is the first book in the Rifts series and explores the history and culture of the mysterious yinka, who dwell within a magical cave known to humans simply as The Deep. The yinka have chosen isolationism following a deadly war with humans a century ago, but when a young yinka saves a human doctor, their new relationship sets the course to change everything.

E.M. Bell was born and raised on a farm in coastal California. She grew up surrounded by animals and the dynamic natural beauty of her state. These helped inspire her already active imagination.

E.M. Bell has BAs in creative writing and history from a major California University and a Doctorate in law. She is happily married and when not writing is spending time with her husband, two children, and beloved dogs.


I loved your book! It's sweet and as someone who always wanted the beast in "Beauty and the Beast" to stay a beast and not become a human again, your book made my expectations reality!! I was wondering what gave you the inspiration to create this world? Was it from scratch?

I've always loved magic and fantasy, and especially the magical races that inhabited fantasy worlds. I started daydreaming what my own fantasy world would look like one day and decided to write it down. I started with the central kingdom of a continent and one of the races I'd dreamed up. My inspiration was largely from scratch, though reading and listening to nature specials, specifically ones by Sir David Attenbourogh, helped me when describing the Faded Forest. The Disc World series by Terry Pratchett and how it addresses serious social issues through fantasy was also an inspiration.

At the end of the book you put the Yinka dictionary and I find the idea awesome! How did you come up with that language?

The Yinka language is actually based on a real world language, Quechua, which is the indigenous language spoken in Peru and other parts of South America. I tweaked it somewhat to fit the Yinka, but most of it has a real world definition.

Aerials is the first book of the series Rift, w