First steps to my brand.

It's no secret that finding your online identity as a brand or a small business can sometimes be hard and full of obstacles. With years into this path, it's only been during those last two years that I started to grow my following and only did so when I had a slight idea of how I wanted to use my platform.

Being an indie writer that uses twitter I found this amazing community that inspired me to do so many projects such as the book club, the indie library and now...the Indie'Mag.

This 'magasine' of sort will have many purposes! It's not only an indie magasine because I will talk about indie writers, and more, but I will also talk about other subjects that matter to me! I wanted to find the right balance of blogging on my website and with the homepage being the update on the website, and the book club blog, I wanted to be able to add this side of the website.

I want to help the indie community have a wider reach, too. My writers' lifts on twitter are successful, the indie library gives a direct link to the amazon links to buy the books, and the book club dives deeper in each authors. But I also wanted to give a microphone to others, and not be the one to write for them.

Indie'Mag is just beginning and I hope this project will be having as much of a success as the book club and library did!

Here are the projects I have for this magasine:

  1. People will be able to write articles for FREE and have them published on this magasine. Emailing me their article with their pen name and links, I will post everything here and share it on my social medias.

  2. Talk about my journey in general. I have been trying multiple times to find a way to share my journey. I tried with podcasts but felt uncomfortable with it. But those last days I realized that writing about it while it's still fresh — the words come easier somehow.

  3. Talk about writing tips that helped and continue to help me.

I might have some more ideas in the long run, but those are the three important projects I have for the Indie'Mag and I am so glad to be starting this project.

With patience with me and knowledge that it might take time for this magasine to take flight, I will keep on working and writing for it!