How My Bullet Journal Helped Me

I tried to hop on the bujo train long ago but it came out horrible, not practical at all, and just made me hate it. Until recently that I discovered that what worked for me were the dotted notebooks and not the lined ones. And ever since, I have been bullet journaling constantly and using this method as a way to stay organized in my personal life, and professional ones.

So let me take you step by step of how my first bujo looks like from the beginning to the most recent pages. Came a long way, and finally found the style that fits me!

1. Welcoming page + index

The welcoming page is not necessary, at first I didn't want to do one but I got bored one time and decided to do one. The one thing I know for sure I could not live without is the index! If you plan on having multiple pages such as lists or trackers, the index will help you navigate through your bujo faster and better.

2. For my weekly spread I sometimes named it the main tasks or I just sometimes wouldn't name them. I use them to write the important things that I have to absolutely get done.

3. At first I was reluctant to have a habit tracker but I ended up doing one and it actually helped me realize what I should be doing more or less.

I do prefer the tracker of August (the square one) it's more organized and has a better final result.

4. Not necessary but I wanted to make this bujo really mine and so I decided to do a playlist page which I loved and did for the month of July and August but I am not sure for September.