It's Christmas Time!

Hi and welcome back! I am so happy to present to you this new era of the website! We’ve got a new design that is more minimalist and less full of stuff. I decided to just get rid of things that was kind of useless and made me lose time rather than making me productive.

That said, I decided to start with a given article considering the month we’ve entered. December. Holidays. Christmas. New year. Ah those festivities that reeks joy and fun and laughs.

Sadly, for some people it also means stress, pain, struggle, and more.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. Probably not as much as my mother, but I do. I do find joy in decorating my place and even more this year with my new apartment and the space I have, I will be able to decorate it the way I always dreamed to!

But the end of the year isn’t always fun to me. Sometimes I have more anxiety than anything. This time of the year brings the pressure of making amends with family members or having to go through family dinners and facing some people we’d rather not.

For me the end of the year is the time that I love the most but also the time I rest the less. I am booked everywhere. From Halloween, to new year I have things planned. Again, I love planning those because for those events I reunites people I care about and we celebrate.

It took me a while to say no to horrendously long and never ending family dinners with people so drunk that they decided to talk about family drama. Now I plan things for the people I care about. This year I planned a Halloween so huge that the kids neighbors loved it. They took pictures, came back with their friends, even the parents had fun! All the while keeping everything and everyone safe with COVID, wrapping the candies in little sachets for each kids, using masks as a part of the costume, still finding a way to have fun despite what is happening.

This thanksgiving I am hosting a big dinner with all of the people that showed up for me the most, a way for me to thanking them. I prepared envelopes with the menu in it.

For Christmas this year will be different from last year but it happened multiple times. My father is a soldier, and this year he won’t be there for Christmas as he will be deployed for a while. So it will be my mom, longtime friends and me. Which is all fine. We’ve already celebrated Christmas with my father. We have him his gifts, had a good dinner and watched old Christmas movies.

December 30th is my birthday but to be fair, the older I get the less I care about it, I just want to spend time with my family and enjoy the things I love. I use this day to take care of myself and just appreciate who I am, where I am, and what I have. And then there is new year, which is something I don’t really care about, so yeah.