My December + January Bullet Journal

Hello and welcome back into my bullet journal universe! The last time (and first time) I did an article about my bullet journal is was more about how it helped me be organized and how it helps me for my projects.

This time, though, I am here to showcase how I did my December and January spreads. I have some tips and ideas for you, too! Such as; if you want only one bujo for one year and want a new one for the new year, but there is still some pages left after your December spreads, what should you do?

Or, how to have a more minimalist bujo without going overboard and forgetting the purpose for this journal.

In this article I got pictures for you, pages ideas, lists of things you could use to make your life easier for you! I got plenty content for one article so bear with me, because I promise it is worth it!

Let‘s start with the pictures of my December spreads:

The beginning of my December bujo is quite easy as it's mostly printables I made and printed them. It's very useful and when you don't have that much time to make it from scratch, printables are a go to!

You can find those ones (to do list and notes) on my shop HERE.

I love nature photography and when I can find those that matches the theme of my bujo it's just perfect! I find the pictures on pinterest and even though I printed them, I still saved them in my "Bujo photos" board so I can reuse them later on! You can find my board HERE.

For the mood and coffee trackers those are also printables that I made and as someone that doesn't know how to draw, it was a life saver, and as I said, time saver too! You can find those printables on the shop HERE.

Earlier in the post I talked about tips. I started this notebook in the middle of the year and I didn't really like it, because for one year I have two notebooks. It's fine if they're all filled but the last one wasn't filled and there were still some pages left, too much to leave it like that, and not enough to start a new year on it, so I decided to do some kind of wrap up. I put everything that I loved during the year, closing the notebook and the year! I did a page for each k-pop group I love (Blackpink, Itzy, BTS), I did a page for my favorite k-dramas, favorite books, and I used the Spotify wrap up for my music!