June 2020—Samyra Alexander: "I Should Have Worn A Curtain"

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

"I Should Have Worn A Curtain: A Tale of Bulimia, Self-loathing, and Romance" — Samyra Alexander

I am so proud to say that for our first month as a book club, "I should have worn a curtain" by Samyra was our first pick. This story that is so dear to my heart, powerful, sweet, comic at times, but yet still deals with a tough and taboo subject that is eating disorder.

As a part of the deal of the book club, I did a live with Samyra and we talked about so many tough subject, not only it's so easy to talk to her, but she's funny and smart! If you have not listened to the live yet, you can listen to it below on the page of the club right under the blog!


Samyra Alexander was born and raised in Gary IN. After receiving a D in 4th grade Art for failing to master Primary and Secondary colors, Samyra was told that she lacked creativity. But the yearning to express herself artistically never went away: Samyra turned to words, finding a creative spart that resulted in "I should have worn a curtain." Twelve years later, a national pandemic gave her the time she needed to release her novel into the world. Samyra holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is passionate about exploring mental health issues and their accompanying social taboos, within the context of creative fiction.

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