May 2020 — Update.

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

This month went by so fast that I can't believe that we're already in June guys! A lot of things happened, changes had to be made, so instead of making multiple blog posts, I will do this one post to update everything for you guys!


So if you listen to my podcast or just follow me on social media — you might know that my cat had fleas and I had to disinfect and clean my apartment and it's a long process. It took me the whole month and I never thought it would, and it doesn't even feel like a whole month.

But anyway, I didn't have time to read any submissions, keep the promotion of the challenge going. I just didn't take care of the challenge. So to redeem myself and not make you pay for that, I decided to extend the challenge to June 30th and the results will be published July 14th. I will update my socials media, too, so everyone is notified.

If you want to participate to the challenge, head there: XXX


I — quickly talked about it during the live for the release part of my book. I decided to create a monthly box where I will chose each month a self-published author/Indie Author to put their book in the box with goodies in it that represents the book's universe. But after thinking about it, working on it and calculating the price, it was way too pricy for me. So I decided to create a book club dedicated to indie authors / self-published. The purpose of the book club is the same as any book club! Each month I chose a book the only difference will be that the book will only come from indie authors. It's meant to kick-start and help the author make their book known. It's also creating a beautiful place with this amazing community that is the writing and reading one. I am a lover of books and a writer so I am enjoying myself so much right now to read all of those books but also I know how hard it is to sell your book(s).

There are many things to say about the book club! So I will make it easy and quick.

  1. The hashtag for the book club is obvious: #IndieBookClub!

  2. You can send as many submissions as you want, where ever you can find me on social media! I accept submissions all of the time. On twitter, here on the website, instagram and even on my facebook page and by email, too!

  3. If your book is not out yet, you can send me if you want a promotional copy or you can send me the link once it's out and I will buy it. I make it a very important principle of the this book club is that every book I will read for the purpose of the book club, I will buy them. It's also a way for authors to gain one more sale on their work.

  4. The author who's book I chose will have on the page of the book club: their biography, the cover of their book, the synopsis and the link to buy it. There will be a link to all of their social media. There will be a live broadcast on twitter schedule and then it will be available on my podcast Wild Thoughts.

While reading the book I will take notes, and write the questions that pop up in my mind. At first all of the submissions will be bought as ebook so it will be easy for me to highlight and take notes as I NEVER do that on a paperback. If you get picked, I will buy the paperback version of your book!

NEW BOOK — Poems: Part II

As you guys know, my new book is out! The third book of the series "Poems & Short Stories." The first book is "Poems: Part I." There's 28 poems in it and it's free with Kindle Unlimited. The second book "Short Stories: Part I" is a collection of short stories; from fantasy, general fiction, and non-fiction. And the third and new book is "Poems: Part II" there is 29 poems in it and it's also free with Kindle Unlimited.

All of my books are available on my SHOP PAGE where you will be able to find all of the links that will direct you to the websites: Amazon, apple, Kobo, Scribd, Smashwords, Barnes&Nobles and more.

During the live for the release party, I also stated that 10% of every sales will go to BLACKLIVESMATTER.COM to show my support and where I stand during this crisis. I made it official on the header of the website and I will show my support and keep doing everything I can, I will educate myself, I will stand, I will sign petitions, I will donate and more if I have to. And so should you.

Love, always,



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