My Favorite Season: Fall

It may seem cliché but my favorite season is Fall (autumn) I've always enjoyed this season. I don't know if it's because my favorite Holidays are happening too, or the colors that embraces landscapes, or even the weather.

I'm not a summer person, I don't enjoy this time of the year, the heat is killing me. This year we had a bit more wind than the last years, so it was a bit better, but each year whenever summer hits, I pray for fall and winter. I'm always disappointed at how short fall is, and with the climate change, it gets shorter...

Officially (meteorologically) fall stars on September 1st but normally autumn starts around September 22/23. (Based on the Earth's orbit around the sun.)

There is this kind of melancholy and sadness about Fall that I also like...For example the leaves are changing their colors because they prepare for winter, the chlorophyll slowly leaving the trees, so the leaves loose their green.

I'm a Greek mythology geek and so I love this little anecdote! Autumn began when Persephone was kidnapped by Hades to be his queen of the underworld. With despair, her mother (Demeter, the goddess of the harvest) made all of the crops on Earth die and would only make them live again at the return of her daughter, and that would be Spring!

Anyway, those are little facts that I like about Fall and felt like sharing with you guys!

But what I truly enjoy with this season is the effect it has on me. I just feel more relaxed, and more connected to my inner self or even to earth. Which is weird because I'm a Capricorn and normally Winter should be my season. I do love winter, but not as much as fall. I enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, large pullovers, fall decor, Halloween! I have so much fun decorating my apartment for halloween and thanksgiving, this is so much fun! A wave of serenity hits me whenever this season is here.

So happy, fall to all of you! Hope you enjoy this time of the year as much as I will!