My January TBR + NY Resolution

Well hello to you all! I just wanted to say Happy New Year to all of you and I hope you had amazing Holidays with your loved ones.

It‘s the second post I am doing about my TBR. The last one was for December and I have to tell you that I didn’t quite managed to read all of the books on this TBR…The original one I had planned was shorter of two books but I thought that I could read all of them, not thinking about how busy I would get with the Holidays preparation…So this time I’m going to be logical and realistic. I am going to add the books I wanted to read in December for this month and finish this. Last year I put a goal for the GoodReads challenge of 150 books and I couldn’t achieve it, I got so busy with life and other projects that I just didn’t have time to read as much as I wanted to.

My literary resolution for this year is to put less pressure on me to read as many books as possible! It takes the fun out of if and truly it is not the goal at all. So this year my goal will be of 90 books. I know I can achieve this one because even though I was so busy this past year, I still managed to read 123 books.

Anyway, here is my TBR for this month!

  1. The Last Prince (The coming of Áed) by E.G Radcliff

  2. Désillusion (métamorphose #4) by Ericka Duflo (French Edition)

  3. The Temple of Forgotten Secrets (After the Rift #3) by C.J. Archer (English Edition)

I prefer to add less books on my TBR and read more than planned, this is less pressuring and fun. What is your TBR for this month? And do you have a literacy resolution?