Nesting is not only for pregnant women!

Every time that I go on Pinterest and look for nesting hacks, I keep seing hacks only for pregnant woman or already mothers but none for people that have no children. So I decided to share with you all my hacks!

I love nesting, especially in my apartment that I am right now, and even if I am just renting, and plan to buy one day, I feel like I'm just packing up ideas for my definitive place, figuring things out before the real one! But nesting is so much more than that, there are studies that shows that nesting actually helps regulate anxiety, and help stress relief. Ever since I am in this apartment (2 years) I have been organizing it, and making it as cosy as possible, and making something of my own.

The room that took the longest to organise was actually the library! I just recently finished it and made it the way I wanted it to be. I had such a clear idea of what I wanted that it took so long to find the furniture that would make the image reality. I wanted a bench that inside I could put books in, but could not find something that I wanted, so I took wood boards and did it myself (with the help of my parents.) I wanted a thin long shelf that was not too high and once again could not find what I wanted so I took an old shelf tore down some stuff, added wood boards to strengthen it and painted it!

Here is the final result of my library:

The other rooms are on going still, especially my kitchen! Each cupboard has its purpose and now I have to find a way to organise them. My apartment isn't big, so it's about optimising my space to make it seem bigger, open.

To organise my pantry I got rid of all of the packaging and bought boxes that I could but one on the other with name tags on it. I have a small but practical kitchen, my pantry is in two parts. The upper cupboard is spices, instant vegan food, canned food, sauces and more.

My second pantry is where I store my pastas, rices, and flour, sugar and so on...Now the only thing that I have to keep up with is to rename my boxes, I finally did the change and turned organic. So all of the pastas are now organic and vegan so the names are different.

For the sole purpose of this article I decided to change the organisation of one of my cupboard and I am actually loving it and I even did a before/after video...I feel like those instagram account dedicated to organizing houses!!