Night Time Routine that Relaxes Me


As I said in my previous article, I have specific moments in the day that I dedicate to relax, to have me time. When I am working it's hard to have this perfect morning that I have when I'm not working, so I use the night time to relax and let go of the day at work. I press the reset button and cleanse my mind and body. Again, this is on good days, sometimes my mental state only gives me energy to lay in bed, and that's what I do...

But my night-time routine is precious to me especially on stressful days at work (which the month of July was...Jesus that month got me on my knees!)

When I get home from work I do whatever that has to be done in the apartment, same as getting my morning time ready, I'm just making sure everything is done before relaxing. Once everything is done I go take a shower, put on comfy clothes, put my hair up and do my skin care routine. I wash my face, put on a mask or exfoliate. I do a peel-off mask on my nose, just anything that my skin need at the moment. While waiting for my mask to dry up I turn on the chill music or I just watch the current Korean drama I am watching or watch Bailey Sarian mystery and make up videos and update my bullet journal.

What I call 'me-time' is a moment of the day where you just focus on things you love, that pauses your thoughts and gives your brain a relief. What works for me might not work for you, but what I want to say with those kind of articles is that your me-time is full of the things you love. Whether it's eat a bag of chips in front of Netflix or go for a run or whatever, your me-time is very important for your health. Stress can damage your health and pressing the reset button can help you way more.

So this article and the previous one are a reminder to you to take care of yourself, to love yourself more, and to cherish your luck that you're here today, that you woke up this morning, that you're healthy. Don't take yourself for granted!

Have a nice day or evening and I will see you guys later :)

If you have any suggestions of things I could try during my nighttime routine, feel free to send them my way! The chat box is always open, even when I am not connected on the website!