Part One — Revisited: The Painter, The Spirit, The Damned.

Alvina was walking to the bus stop with her school bag on her shoulders, humming a melody. When she arrived at the bus stop, she sat down on the bench and took out her drawing notebook out of her bag and her pencil and went back to her drawing, only stopping when he heard rustling behind her. She looked around and only saw the trees recovered in snow and nothing or no one else. She went back to her drawing and completely got lost it in, never realizing that the bus came. The driver opened the door and called after her, but she didn’t hear him, he honked, but she didn’t move. He shook his head and closed the doors and drove away.

It wasn’t the first time that Alvina lost herself in her drawings, she always did, it seemed strange to some people, but to those who knew her were used to it. It was known that Alvina was a talented artist, and the older she got, the better she was. She only recently started to paint on a canvas, and she loved the feeling she had each time she did. She already painted a dozen of projects, all more beautiful than the other. Her parents used to be worried about her at first, she was always drawing, she never wanted to play with other kids, so they tried to make her stop drawing. They took away all of the material, only for Alvina to not wanting to get out of bed, she barely stopped crying during that time. Her mom would make her favorite food, but Alvina always declined everything. It’s her father who decided to give her back her belongings and the next day, their daughter was herself again.

Alvina stopped drawing when she realized that the sun was setting, her eyes wide open she looked around her, she missed the bus. She put her stuff back in the bag and started to walk fast towards her home, knowing very well that there will be no school bus passing by anymore, considering how dark it was, it must have been very late. Alvina heard the rustling once again but decided to ignore it, her heart was racing, and the cold was setting. She kept walking and realized that she was lost, she ended up in front of a cliff, the wind slapping her face. She looked around her and saw a little bench that was not far from it. She went there and sat on it, she wanted to cry but she wouldn’t allow it, she had to be a big girl and figure out a way to her home. She was tired and hungry, but somehow the only thing calling out to her was the rustling that seemed to have followed her up to here. She closed her eyes and counted to ten. The rustling stopped and her heart calmed. She slowly opened her eyes and gasped.

The deer in front of Alvina looked at her with curiosity, it has been a while since a human was able to see it and it couldn’t help but feel a pull toward that child. It slowly got closer to her and sniffed her, she didn’t back away, she was scared of it, it was aware of this fact.


The words died on her mouth when the deer drew closer to her bag. She looked at her bag then back at the deer.

“I don’t have food.”

The deer snorted, and Alvina frowned when it nudged her bag. She took her bag and opened it; the deer nudged the bag once more then Alvina’s breath got caught. She quickly took out her notebook and looked at her drawing she gasped loudly and looked at the deer in front of her.

‘It seems that we have some kind of connection, young child.’


She stood up and walked over to it.

“You can talk?”

The deer shook his head.

‘I do not talk, but you can hear me or see me. And it has been a while since this happened.’

“How is that possible?”