Part Three — Revisited: The Painter, The Spirit, The Damned.

The moment Alvina sat on the chair and opened the first notebook, everything went blurry. The more she kept reading the more memories came back to her. After two days reading the notebooks with no resting, she stopped at the very last notebook. She read the engravement on the notebook, stroking it she felt a huge fear come through her. ‘The Damned.’


Alvina looked up and saw Thessalia in the doorway. Thessalia looked at the notebook Alvina had in hand and entered the room. She sat beside Alvina and gently took the notebook out of her hands. Thessalia looked at it and sighed.

“You might want a break before reading this one, Alvina.”

Alvina looked at the notebook and frowned. She didn’t know why the queen would say that, but she knew that there was something special about this notebook. She nodded, still looking at the notebook. Thessalia put the notebook down and stood up.

“Come, we’ll take a walk.”

Alvina also stood up and they walked out of the palace. Alvina looked around her and she no longer felt young, she felt all of her lives in her, except the last one and she felt the void it caused.

As they walked around, Alvina felt this sense of home, she truly belonged here. She couldn’t help but smile at the fae flying around.

“You know,”

Began Thessalia.

“this world, it’s beautiful when you see it for the first time. It’s magic. You have the chance to discover it each time that you are reborn. I wish I could see this world for the first time, again. Sometimes, being the Queen of this realm for so long, has its toll.”

“Did you ever thought of passing on the crown?”

Thessalia nodded.

“I did, but even though I do not see this place like I used to in the beginning, I still love it so much. Every day the creatures that make this world what it is, remind me how worth it — it is to fight and if I have to, die for. It’s my duty as their Queen.”

“There is one thing I do not understand. Why am I here? What’s my purpose?”

Thessalia gestured to a bench and the two women walked over to it and sat on it.

“You will understand your purpose once you’ve read the last one.”

Alvina looked at Thessalia and narrowed her eyes.


The queen looked at her.

“Is there something I need to know before I read this notebook?”