Part Two — Revisited: The Painter, The Spirit, The Damned.

When Alvina woke up she had no idea where they were, she looked around her and couldn’t help but be in awe of how beautiful it was.

‘Good, you’re awake, we’ve arrived.’

“Where are we?”

‘Aettinata. We’re home.’

There were so many creatures walking around them, going about in their lives. There were houses of different sizes that would fit each creature. When they entered what Alvina presumed to be the center of this magic city, the creatures stared at them, gasped, and pointed at Alvina.

“Why are they looking at me like this?”

‘Because the only human being that ever-entered Aettinata was the painter, and they know that if you’re here, that you’re the painter.’

Alvina sighed. As much as she loved to paint, she had trouble believing that she was the person they were looking for, and so she couldn’t stop the imposter syndrome feeling to settle in her heart.

After a moment of walking through the center they turned left and went down a pathway that led to what looked like a palace out of Alvina’s favorite books.


The spirit stopped and moved its head enough to be able to see Alvina.

‘We’ve arrived.’

It slowly went down onto the ground, enough for Alvina to be able to get off its back with no difficulties.

The palace looked bigger now that she was on the ground.

“Where are we?”

‘It’s the queen’s palace.’

Alvina looked at the spirit.


He nodded at her.

‘Go on, this is where I will stop. But I’ll be here, waiting for you.’

Alvina hesitated and the spirit nudged her toward the palace.

‘Go on, Alvina, she’s awaiting.’

Without a glance at the spirit Alvina walked towards the palace. She was about to knock on the door when