Poems & Short Stories Series

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Welcome to this new universe of mine! I cannot believe I am actually writing this for it then to be published on my website! There are so many things I want to do, subjects I want to talk about, experiences I had, some kind of wisdom I could share. My imagination is running wild, and while I could go on and on forever, let's start with this first post!


After many many many years of writing, trying, rewriting, starting from scratch and do it all over again, my dream finally got realized! All of the hard work and tears of frustration finally paid off. My vert first book of poems "Poems: Part I" from the series "Poems & Short Stories" got published.

I never thought that my first publishing would be a book of poems. Poetry was not my first love, I did not fall head over heels with it. I started writing fanfictions with some (questionable) choices, and vocabulary. But up to today I am still so *damn* proud of. Those stories helped me work better on my writing, what I liked to write about, how I was chosing to write. And most importantly, without Tumblr & Wattpad, my fanbase would have never existed! Everything started there, friendships, fans supporting me and my work and so on... This dream was born on those two websites, and even if I no longer post on them now, I will forever be grateful to them and the people on it. I still go back there from time to time, answering some messages/comments and never forgetting to thank them, you. I will always remember where I came from and I am so *damn* proud!

I fell in love with poetry after reading Erin Hanson's work... She is brilliant and so relatable. It was so easy to recognize myself in her poems, and one thing led to another and the only thing I was writing was poetry! All of my on-going stories (to the despair of my readers) were left to the side and I was only focusing on poetry. I found out that you don't need to write 25 chapters to pass on a message, that you didn't need +4K words to tell a story, that it only depended on how you wrote it, but most importantly, how the reader read it. After I got comfortable in poetry, I tried to go back to writing my stories but turns out it is way harder than I thought. Going from stories to poetry was easy, but from poetry to stories? Harder than ever. But then I finally got there I found a place for both of them in my life, even with my busy schedule and my regular life.

Then came the send of September. "Poems: Part I" got published on amazon and kindle internationally and met a huge success I was not ready for! (To be fair if 5 people would have bought it, that would have been HUGE for me, still!) So I had a choice to publish it somewhere else. I took time to think about it, I wanted to publish it where it would be worldwide, so I chose AppleBooks and beginning of the month (November) it was available worldwide! It is so crazy how things escalated so fast! Now, here I am, working on all of my stories to publish the second book of the series "Short Stories: Part I." But I am also working on my other stories, a dear story to my heart, Oli