Prevent bed bugs and flees in your home


Two years and a half ago I was renting an apartment that was already furnished. Before I moved in I cleaned everything to be safe and also, just because! I didn't see them right away but probably six months after I moved in I started to have bed bugs. Never happened to me before. It was during summer, and while putting on my sandals I saw many little red dots on my feet. It was scratching a lot and I thought at first it was an allergic reaction to my laundry detergent or something. But more the days passed, I started to have dots appearing on my arms and legs. then one night my cat started to play on the bed, jumping as if she was trying to catch something, which she was: a bed bug.

Of course it was right before going to sleep, so you can imagine me switching all of the lights on and just freaking out! I took the covered off and saw many of bed bugs. (Ps: just thinking about this now it gives me chills, ew.) Getting rid of bed bugs is extremely hard. I tried all solutions, I tried the organic solution, I bought diatomaceous earth, vacuumed my bed and then put the earth everywhere, like EVERYWHERE. It worked for a month or so and they were back, because it killed the adults one, but not the ones that were in the eggs...because those bitches are invincible when they're in their eggs (:

So my cat and I had to go back to my parents for a week. I treated the apartment with a smoke bomb that is supposed to kill them all. Worked for six month, they said that you should be doing another bomb after six month, so we did that again, but when I came back it was just awful, they were inside the bed, in the wood, just too much infested at this point. Now cue to a good fight with my landlord that said there was nothing before I came (tip: do look REALLY good before renting an already furnished apartment) and indeed I didn't see them before signing so it was not written and I was like ... no it was there. But I had no proof as I was not attacked right away. And I knew it wasn't me because of the infestation. So I did the only thing I could, I took pictures of my bites, went to my doctor to be sure to not have contracted some kind of skin disease, and I had her make an official paper that she saw me for that and saw the bites and all, so I was covered on this part.

I then called a professional and made him look and that's how he proved that the bed bugs were there before I moved in, like wayyyy before. With the report I sent a copy to the landlord with proof of reception and that's when they called me and told me they'd reimburse everything that I paid, which was cool, because trust me that the chemical products and the professional and all were not cheap at all. I told them, listen it's the bed, I throw it away, buy a new one and you take the price of the bed out of my rent and were done. I thought it'd be over pretty soon by now, but nope! They said that they would pay for another treatment and I told them (as was it written on the report) that at this point of the infestation there was nothing you could do except throw away what's been infested. Long story (not so short) getting rid of bed bugs when it's been infested for a long time, is almost impossible. It can be possible, I'm sure, but it won't be cheap, and trust me, it is DRAINING! This all ending with me moving out and moving in my current apartment. I bought all of the furniture myself and trust me I would never EVER rent an already furnished apartment ever again, no thanks, been there, done that, nope.

Back to a year ago, freshly out of the lockdown, my cat got infested with flees. and again, I found that out before going to bed (because why have a nice good sleep...) My sheet was bright blue, and I was on my computer when I saw a little black thing jump, my brain froze, my soul leaving my body, I realized I had flees, well not me, my cat but yeah you get it. So we're back with my poor feet being eating out by some kind of bugs and me having mental breakdowns (:

I do have to say that at each of these moments I did learn a lot, like my cat got flees because of pigeons that used to stay on the window sill. Thank god not long after I put mosquito nets on my windows so they had nowhere to stay anymore.

Getting rid of flees is way easier than the bed bugs. The first step is to treat your pet. Now, please, don't search online what to do or to use on your pets, please don't. Go to the vet or call your vet. I went to my vet and the first