Sauteed Veal and Risotto Recipe


Ingredients for 4 people for the sauteed veal:

  1. 800g of veal

  2. 3 mushrooms

  3. cherry tomatoes (optional)

  4. 20g of flour

  5. 2 tbsp of veal stock

  6. 20g of butter

Ingredients for 4 people for the risotto:

  1. 400g of risotto rice

  2. 2 tbsp of parmesan

  3. 2 strands of fresh parsley

  4. 2 pats of butter

  5. 40cl of dry white wine

  6. 2 onions

  7. 2 shallots

  8. Vegetables broth

Steps for the sauteed veal:

  1. Cut the veal in equal pieces

  2. In a casserole add the butter and then the veal to give it colour

  3. Once they have the right golden colour take them off and add the flour to do a roux

  4. Wet it progressively with the wine

  5. Add water to have the quantity of sauce that you want.

  6. Add the veal stock to it and mix it

  7. Add salt and pepper and put the meat back in the casserole