Seven Scary Murders that happened around Halloween — Part Five

Fifth day of the Seven murders week! I recently announced that the blogs — HomeCook and BleedingInk — will go on a one-month hiatus, but they will be back for December, and I am excited for you guys to read what I planned for the blogs, but I am also excited to go back to work on my books and to be able to share with you those stories next year! So, I wanted to use this section to thank you guys for your support for the blogs and waiting this long for a new book to come out!

5. A fit of rage form a close one that never got an explanation ­— Eric Copple the Napa murderer.

When we think of Halloween, we also think of horror movies. Sadly, on October 31st, 2004, horror happened, and it was in real life. Two 26-years-old women named Adriane and Leslie were killed and found by their friend also living here, Lauren Meanza.

The three young women enjoyed their time together while being roommates. Adriane had another close friend that was not living with them, but still had a very important role in this tragic story, named Lily Prudhomme. Lily was engaged to Eric Copple. The couple would often come to the house the three women shares, although it was said that Eric never met Leslie.

Adriane, Leslie, and Lauren were celebrating Halloween by giving out candies to children trick-or-treating. After a while, not long before 11pm, they decided to call it a night and go to sleep. 3 hours later, Lauren who was sleeping in the bedroom downstairs head what she described as “a blood-curdling, terrified scream.” She heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs, towards her, so she fled the house through the back door and into the backyard, hiding from the intruder. She said that she then heard the person climbing out of a basement window and run off.

Lauren went back into the house, still on guard and climbed up the stairs to her friend’s bedroom, only to find Leslie lying face down on the ground in a pool of her blood. She also found Adriane crouched behind the bed, barely alive and heavily bleeding from her multiple stab wounds. Lauren tried to call 911 with the attacker proceeded to render the phone lines unusable. Lauren ran to her car and drove away while calling 911, not knowing if there was still someone in the house.

When the emergency and police arrived at the house, they found Leslie dead, Adriane was still alive but passed away soon after the paramedics arrived. Both women died because of multiple stab wounds. Lauren told the police everything she knew, but she could not tell them who the killer was, as she didn’t see anything, only heard sounds before fleeing the house, fearing for her safety.

Early September 2005: The police released a statement saying that they found a DNA match from a cigarette butt that was found at the scene, believing it belonged to the killer. Cigarettes brand that was brand new, so they hoped someone would recognize someone who smoked them.

27 September 2005: Eric Copple, who was married to Lily, turned himself in, confessing to the murders of Adriane and Leslie. The police tried to understand the motive of Eric but found nothing. Eric himself was unable to give an explanation as to why he killed those two women. There was multiple theory but the main one was jealousy. He was jealous at how close Lily and Adriane were getting, probably fearing of losing control over his wife.

When asked why he did it, Eric said that he could not remember, that he had trouble with alcohol in the past and that the night of the murders he was already intoxicated. He said that when he woke up after passing out, he went to the garage and got some zip ties that were found on the crime scene, and a four-to-five-inch knife that would be the murder weapon but was never found. He said that he took his car, drove to the house of Adriane and Leslie, got out, smoked cigarettes, and then went into the house and stabbed the two women.