Seven Scary Murders that happened around Halloween — Part Four

Fourth day of the Seven murders week! There are a lot of unsolved crimes that also happened on Halloween, and while searching for the ones I want to talk about on the blog, I keep being surprised at how violent human beings can be. That said, this article has a trigger warning. It’s violent and has mentions of rape and suicide. If you can’t handle it, please do not read.

4. The triple homicide of the family Liske — William “B.J” Liske Jr, a son full of rage.

We have talked about a lot of things now for this week. We have talked about the horrible murder of Tadea Benz, classics of Halloween gone wrong, shining light on how dangerous Halloween could be with masks and people pretending to be others or something else, giving a scary and chilling anonymity. This time we’re going to talk about a homicide that first looked like a Halloween prank but turned out to be a Halloween horror movie for Devon Griffin.

On October 31st, 2010, Devon Griffin who stayed the night before at his father’s house, returned to his home after the church service at 1:30pm. When Devon entered his house, everything was quiet, which was unusual as his family normally awake by now. He said that his mother, Susan Liske who was 46 at the time was usually awake and doing various things around the house. He decided to look around the house to see where his family was, that is when he entered the bedroom where his mother and stepfather were sleeping. When he got into the room he saw them on the bed, he called out their names and tried to wake them up. After walking to the side of his mother’s bed, he saw her foot outside of the bed, he gently touched it with his knee to try and wake her up, after neither of them moved or woke up, he lifted the covers and discovered the atrocity: the bed was soaked with blood. He ran out of the house, panicked, and scared. He called his aunt who then herself called 911.

When the police arrived on the scene, they found William Liske and Susan Liske shot to death in their bed. According to the coroner, William was shot five times in the head and face. Susan had been raped and then shot three times at close range. They looked further in the house to try and find Susan’s 23-year-old son Derek Griffin. When they came to his bedroom, they found the door to be locked. They knocked down the door and found the boy “curled up in bed, facing the wall.” His death was estimated as a result of a blunt force trauma, killing him within minutes after the first blow. A bloody claw hammer was found in the house, muddy footprints near the family’s pond on the deck led the police to believe this is where the other weapon had been disposed of. They proceeded to drain the pond, but no weapon was found.

There was no evidence of struggle from any of the victims, leading to believe that they knew their attacker, which made William “B.J” Liske Jr, the son of William Liske to be the prime suspect of the triple homicide.

B.J was charged with one count of murder for his father at the time of the arrest. This allowed them to hold B.J until the case was presented to the grand jury.

B.J had a difficult and troubled past.

2002: William Liske (father) called the police on 16-year-old B.J because he had been threatening to harm himself.

2004: B.J had gotten into a fight with Susan and struck her hard in the chest.

2 months later: He was then charged with felonious assault and robbery for stealing Susan’s car keys after hitting her with a coffee mug.