Seven Scary Murders that happened around Halloween — Part Seven

It is the last day of the Seven murders week! I wanted to wish you guys a happy Halloween and that if anything those articles could have taught you anything — be careful out there! Today marks the last day of both of the blogs and goes into a month-long hiatus. Once again, thank you guys for the support and I am glad that I finished the last week with this munch content! I will see you guys December 1st with more content and a new design, too!

7. This never-ending tragic story that has the Kennedy name linked to it. — The murder of Martha Moxley.

For the last true crime article, I decided to talk about this one. This awful story of what happened to a young woman, but also the ongoing pain that the family had to go through to get just an ounce of justice. This case has recently (2020) been reopened to the public and has one of the most famous name in it, Kennedy.

Martha Moxley, a 15-year-old American high school student from Greenwich, Connecticut was with her friends on her way to participate to “mischief night” in which neighborhood kids would do several pranks such as ringing doorbells, toilet papering houses and other. According to some of her friends who was present with her that night, they saw Martha flirting with and kissing Thomas Skakel, 17-years-old the older brother of Michael Skakel. Martha was last seen fooling around with Thomas behind the fence, near the pool in the Skakel backyard, around 9:30pm. The next day, Martha’s body was found by a friend of her, Sheila McGuire, beneath a tree in her family’s backyard. Her pants and underwear were pulled down, but there was no trace of any sexual assault. Pieces of broken six-iron golf club were found near the body. The autopsy indicated that she had been beaten several times before the gold club broke and was used to stab her, which was traced back to the Skakel residence.

The investigation found out that Thomas Skakel was the last person seen with Martha on the night of her murder, making him the prime suspect but his father then proceed to forbid the access to his school and mental health records. Kenneth Littleton, who had started working as the tutor for the Skakel family a few hours before the murder of Martha also became a prime suspect. Thomas’ brother, Michael Skakel was also interviewed. When Thomas was interviewed, he said that he saw Martha going back to her home around 9:30pm after they spent some time together, then Thomas said he went back to his home and watched tv with Kenneth Littleton. When Kenneth was interviewed, he said that Thomas didn’t join him to watch tv at 9:30pm but at 10h30pm and that Michael ­— Thomas’ brother ­— came back home half an hour after. Michael said that it was at a cousin’s, also watching tv when the murder happened, but the cousin never confirmed this alibi.

The police had suspicions about the brothers when they changed their alibies multiple times, incoherencies showing up in their answers, over the years of investigation. Michael even went on to say that he went to the Moxley’s property and hid while watching at the window of Martha’s bedroom, masturbating from 11:30 to 12pm. Making Michael the prime suspect of the murder.

Sadly, the investigation went on for decades with the case being made closed to the public because of the Kennedy name linked to the case. Michael Skakel being the nephew of Ethel Skakel Kennedy, the widow of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, making this case famous around the globe.

Michael went on with his life until he got once again into trouble with the police by driving under influence. The Kennedy family came to his rescue and made a deal for him to go to the Elan school, a treatment center to change the behavior of young adults in the Maine to avoid any consequences. Two of the students that went to the same school than him said that they heard Michael confess to killing Martha. One of the key witnesses to the case, Gregory Coleman declared that Michael bragged of having been privileged because he was a Kennedy saying, “I’m gonna get away with murder, I’m a Kennedy.”