Seven Scary Murders that happened around Halloween — Part Three

Third day of the Seven murders week! The more I get into those stories and how tragic someone’s life turned out, it reminds me of how careful we ought to be, even more these days as it gets scarier and more dangerous out there, so with those articles, I hope I can bring you a sense of warning.

3. The murder of Karl Jackson — Egging a car gone bad

We’re visiting once again a classic for Halloween or a kid’s prank, egging cars. One Halloween in the Bronx, a few teenagers decided to throw eggs at a car, a car belonging to a man called Karl Jackson.

This happened in 1998, recently 21 Karl Jackson was with his girlfriend to pick up her young son from a party. He was the son of Gloria Jackson, a nurse. He was a data entry clerk at Morgan Stanley, and usually avoided going out on the day of Halloween, knowing how dangerous it could be.

While he was still in his car, the teenagers egged his car, he then got out to talk to the teenagers but instead an argument began, Karl decided to get back to his car, sitting on the passenger seat when one of the teenagers, 17 years old Curtis Sterling pulled out his gun, then in a single shot, he managed to shoot Karl in the head, instantly killing him.

“I think it took us two years to even talk about it. We were just devasted. We never thought that anyone from our family would be murdered, especially on a holiday, for something stupid.” — Gloria Jackson, 62.

Sadly, the death of Karl isn’t the first and neither the last. According to The New York Times, since 1984 at least 24 people have been seriously wounded or killed in stabbings, shootings, beatings, or accidents sparked by egg-throwing confrontations around Halloween. All of the cases played out the same way: bunch of kids throwing eggs at a car, people, or even houses, the owners confront the kids, and then arguments followed by violence.

It got to the point that the police in Queens asked merchants not to sell eggs or shaving cream to minors during Halloween week and distribute “No Eggs” posters to stores as part of a campaign started by the Juniper Park Civic Association.

Every Halloween on the anniversary of Karl’s death, his family gathers at the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. They write messages to Karl on painted stones they leave at his grave. At the time of the shooting, his sister named Karlyn Jackson was pregnant with a boy, who is now 21. His grandmother, Sally Bagley kept a pair of his shoes at the top of the stairway. Each member of the family having their own way to remember Karl Jackson who left them way too soon, because of something as idiotic but dangerous as egg throwing.

Curtis Sterling was arrested and served 20 years at a state prison in Ulster County, he is now 39 years old. Every October, Gloria Jackson sends a Halloween card to Curtis saying: “I’m glad you’re still here.”