The Blog's Brand New Identity!

There has been a lot of confusion on the goal of this blog, so let me explain it as best as I can! BleedingInk, formerly named "Indie'Mag" is a collaborative type of blog. In those past two years my goal has been to share my growing platform with other indie authors to help them have a wider reach. With the writing community on Twitter and my followers on Instagram, I decided to create a book club as you guys know by now, which was a success from the beginning. I then decided more recently to create an online library where you can have your book(s) featured in its category with your Amazon link.

With those two projects which are working great so far, I wanted to add something else, add diversity to my website and combine it with the fact that I always wanted to have a blog. That is why in the beginning the blog was named Indie'Mag but the more I said it, the more I disliked it... The concept is still the same, though. So I will be answering the questions I got the most.

  1. What kind of article?

Well, any kind for that matter. It does not have to be about books, it can be about lifestyle, music, sports, anything that you want! I'm an open minded person and I want the same mindset on my website, so I'm welcoming any kind of articles as long as they are not being hateful, discriminating and such kind of things, of course.

2. How to have my article featured?

It's simple! Once your article is written you can email it to me at I then will read it and if I find it interesting I will hand it over to my editor that will only proof read the articles, nothing will be altered. For your article to be featured I will only need your social links and pen name for the readers to be able to check out your other work(s).

3. Is it free?

It is totally free, the blog doesn't have any paid subscriptions so, we are not earning money on it and won't ask any from you. Again, this blog is another way for me to help the writing community to have a bigger reach and to create a website that is based on positivity and solidarity!

4. How many articles can I write?

There isn't a limit! If you have many ideas, go ahead, be my guest!

I hope I helped you all in understanding bleedingink a bit better! And I hope I will soon see you as a collaborative writer!