Hello and welcome to the WIPS page! Here you will find regular updates of where I am in my wips, how much words written, if they are being edited etc...

Short Stories: Part II

Second book of short stories and fourth book of "Poems & Short Stories" series.


Progress: Being edited.

Poems: Part III

Third book of poems and fifth book of "Poems & Short Stories" Series.

Progress: Being edited.

Words that Pierce the Bones

First sy-fi novel about a young woman fighting the injustice and cruelty of the society that she lives in.

Progress: Being edited.

Cover to be revealed

Olivia Parker: Aurea War (Book 1)

First book of the fantasy series "Olivia Parker" — about a powerful witch that is on a journey of remembering who she truly is and fighting one of her greatest nemesis.

Progress: Currently writing. Chapters done: 5. Words Count: 18731


Run To You

Short novel about a woman that tells the story of her husband that dies in WWII to their son that the fallen hero never got to meet.

Progress: Currently writing. Chapters done: 4. Words Count: 3632

Short Stories: Part III

Third book of short stories and sixth book of "Poems & Short Stories" series.

Progress: Currently writing. Stories count: 21

Cover to be revealed

Cover to be revealed